Magnoidz is our science and discovery brand, featuring an exciting range of interactive kits designed to intrigue young minds and develop curiosity. Exploring a range of scientific disciplines such as chemistry, physics and geology, these educational activities are fun, engaging and easy to use.

An exciting range of educational toys & gadgets

From understanding how bubbles work to making your own lie detector or erupting volcano, Magnoidz offers countless ways to make science fun. Our new products cover a selection of themes including nature, gadgets, geology, labs and space.

Design for inquisitive minds

Magnoidz is designed for curious minds between the ages of 6 and 14. Science lovers will snap them up, but they are also an ideal way of making science fun for those children who find the subject challenging. Magnoidz will appeal directly to children as a fun and exciting activity and to adult family members as an educational toy. The range offers multiple ways to engage children in the fascinating world of science.

The retail experience

Magnoidz is prevalent in most retail settings, including garden centres, museums, airports and department stores. Delivered, fully-stocked in a flexible gondola unit, they make a colourful, eye-catching display.

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