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Supporting leading retailers, like you, with wholesale pocket money toys and creative point of sale solutions that really work. Also, the home of Living Nature, the animal lovers favourite soft toy collection. Interested? Continue reading to find out more.

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We have a diverse range of wholesale impulse toys that have a proven history of high profit and quick sell-through, alongside a premium range of eco-friendly animal soft toys that are fast becoming the gift of choice for the animal lover. This has been complemented through creative display solutions that have greatly increased sales for many retail store and tourist attractions across the globe.

People we work with

We work with a range of retailers in multiple business areas including tourism, retail and e-commerce.

Our retailer success stories

We partner with the leading retailers of the world to understand their needs and provide a tailored solution that helps them achieve a retail space that connects with their visitors to amplify sales.

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We have partnered with many retailers from a variety of sectors by tailoring our products and POS solutions to maximise profit and entice their customer base with high-quality and on-trend toys.

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What makes us 'The Toy People'

We are the toy people, supporting innovative retailers, large and small, with wholesale impulse toys and gifts, and creative point-of-sale solutions that really work. The team at Keycraft understands that every retailer, small or large, young or established, constantly faces new challenges and opportunities on a regular basis - and we are here to help.

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Why we exist today

Our ambition has grown, but our goal has remained the same — to help increase retailer profit through quality toys and expert insights. Since we began in 1974 so much has changed, but our people have enabled us to become whom we are today, supporting retailers with creative impulse pocket money toy solutions that really work.

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Work For Keycraft

We're an innovative and creative bunch here at Keycraft. We focus on finding solutions that will reap benefits for our customers - large retail brands and smaller independant toy stores. If you would like to know more about us, please get in touch. Watch the video to learn what our new global HQ looks like! If you think you've got the WOW factor, send us your CV today.

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Latest News & Insights

Keeping abreast of innovative thinking and industry news gives us the competitive edge.

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