Hamleys Prague

''Keycraft had great attention to detail... the colourful displays makes a great feature in our store and are very attractive for our customers!'' - Range Development Manager, Hamleys Prague.

Products: Pocket Money
Location: Prague
Category: Department Store
Hamleys Prague

The brief & analysis

The Keycraft team were approached by Hamleys (Prague) to develop an experiential display to enhance shopper engagement with our already successful GOGOPO collectibles & Nurchums Elementos brands. 

The GOGOPO brand is developed around the tweens demographic – kids from ages 8 to 13 years, who are growing away from conventional toys and looking for cool, collectible accessories that have a trending/fashion value. Working with Hamleys, we thought this would be best to fit in with their demographics and with a great success rate with other clients, we thought this would match their brief perfectly!

The display needed to highlight these aspects of the brand and create a sense of theatre and interactivity. This helps improve customer engagement and promotes a joyful experience in store. We also developed a POS design for our new Nurchums Elementos range, which blends digital and physical toys into one. Our Nurchums Elementos range appeals to a wide range of children from 4 to 12 years, and comes with unlockable items via our free Nurchums Elementos app developed for iOS devices.

“The team that installed the displays were fantastic, they made sure we were left with everything needed for the displays (additional material that we added later including vinyl for a wall that was damaged). The GOGOPO wall and its features are high-quality material that will last."
- Hamleys Range Development Manager, Prague

The solution

Together with the Hamleys brand managers and visual merchandisers, we created a design for a unique ‘Factory Wall’ feature – a quirky eye-catching display which dramatically showcases the funky, colourful and tactile products in the GOGOPO range.  With illuminated buttons, gravity-fed hoppers, pipes, and dials, kids can shop for the product from what feels like a production line at the GOGOPO factory! We also set up a Nurchums Elementos pillar which has a colourful selection of Nurchums Elementos eggs & power charms, further highlighted in the looped video shown on a TV screen.

Situated in a prime location with maximum visual access, the GOGOPO Factory Wall saw immediate success with increased location footfall and a big boost in sales for the category. It immediately increased customer engagement and promoted a positive and joyful experience whilst on the shop floor. It matched the client brief perfectly but don’t take our word for it, see what they had to say about their experience about working with Keycraft below:

"Once the stock was added to both the display wall bays and pillar, alongside the video for Nurchum Elementos, it all came together nicely. The colourful displays make a great feature in our store and are very attractive for our customers. It adds a nice theatre to the aforementioned areas and our employees were impressed by the installations."
- Hamleys Range Development Manager, Prague