Haven Holidays

With an expanded pocket money toy range and innovative display solutions, Haven toy sales have increased exponentially!

Products: Pocket Money, Living Nature
Location: UK
Category: Holiday Park
Haven Holidays

The background

Haven’s holiday parks are a British institution. With 37 beautiful holiday parks located around the UK, families can enjoy the epic British coastline without the stress of international travel. It’s hard to resist an affordable break among pristine nature and ancient landscapes - even if the British weather is being moody and photogenically ‘atmospheric’!

Haven’s family-friendly holiday parks operate convenience stores, providing all the essentials guests might need during their break, including toys for children.

The Keycraft team met Haven at a trade show, and as they say, the rest was history! A perfectly aligned opportunity was identified to help Haven extract more profit from their holiday convenience store toy offering.

The challenge

Haven was looking to optimize the choice of toys available in their convenience stores according to what would turn over quickly. They also wanted to find more attractive display solutions that made optimum use of floor space.

Haven required:

  • A more coordinated product offering and stock organization

  • Improved toy quality and visual appeal

  • More toy choice with a wider range

  • A better display solution that also helped minimize theft

The solution

The Keycraft team got their thinking caps on and used our Science of Impulse framework to cultivate the ideal toy retail experience for Haven’s holiday park convenience stores and customers.

  • Accessibility - Keycraft's innovative carousel display stand allowed attractive and accessible presentation of branded toy selections while using minimum floor space. Better store positioning means that anyone queuing to pay can see the toys, also delivering anti-theft benefits within the direct eye-line of checkout staff. Toys are displayed at the correct shelf height for the age groups they appeal to, effortlessly increasing impulse appeal.

  • People - The range of pocket money toys in the expanded Haven range is designed to appeal to parents and children in need of novelty toys to entertain, available at better value price points. We assessed the existing best sellers and suggested supplementing the existing range with options to compliment Haven’s customer preferences and budget.

  • Choice - Haven now offer customers more toy options along with regular stock refreshes - ideal for tempting repeat customers to buy another toy on their next visit! The new and expanded toy selection is purposely different from what was already on offer, providing additional appealing choices for specific age groups and genders.

  • Value - Keycraft were able to supply better quality toy products at pocket money price points, delivering added value from attractive branding and packaging. The power of attractive branding combined with a step up in quality has elevated profit potential, allowing sales volume and margin gains.

  • Environment - Overall, the visual appeal of Haven’s toy offering has been upgraded thanks to more product coordination and branding, our colourful carousel display stands, plus bespoke posters designed to fit the selected areas of individual shops. A visit to the park store has become a more engaging experience for families with children.

The results

Out of 37 Haven parks, 17 have been included in the ‘toy upgrade’ initiative so far. And the results have been outstanding!

  • Toy sales have increased at every participating park, averaging a 320% increase.

  • The top 12 performing parks have all introduced our carousel display stand, accounting for 74% of their total purchasing from Keycraft.

Keycraft will be expanding the range of pocket money toys we supply to Haven in 2022, and also delivering additional display solutions for more of their sites. We’re very excited that Living Nature plush toys will also be included within their offering for 2022!

The team is delighted we’ve been able to help Haven achieve such great results so rapidly. Impulse toys are our passion and seeing our clients succeed with trust in our approach always puts a smile on our faces. It’s why we get out of bed every morning! We look forward to hearing more good news from Haven as the rollout continues and our relationship develops.

If you think your business could benefit from a partnership with Keycraft, please get in touch. We’d love to hear about your business and help you develop a game plan to achieve your toy retail goals!