Paisley Department Store

''What Keycraft have done is excellent. They put the whole thing together, floor plans, stands and stock.'' - Store Manager, Paisley Department Store

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Location: Scotland
Category: Department Store
Paisley Department Store

The background

The Paisley Department Store in Scotland, a grand old building in the city’s central shopping precinct, had seen better days when it was bought by The Food Retailer Group Ltd, backed by restructuring specialist Hilco Capital in 2016. The new owners set about reinvigorating the 4-storey department store, starting on the top floor, where the new toy department was to be located. When the buyers saw Keycraft’s stand at the NEC Autumn Fair in 2017, they were bowled over and immediately asked Keycraft to work with them to create a modern and thriving toy department.

The analysis

Although the new owners wanted to encourage a better spending customer, they wondered if, initially, they should stock a bargain range of toys that would appeal to the limited spending power of the local consumer base. We undertook a detailed analysis of the department store’s environment, location, demographics and customer buying habits and fed back our results to the client. Results showed that, with the store being in a central pedestrianised area, easy to access on foot or by bus, and with good passing trade, they could afford to offer a better range of products than the out of town stores. We used the Science of Impulse to explain the value of correctly curated ranges and a relevant store layout in creating positive customer journeys and increasing toy sales.

The solution

The store immediately saw the value Keycraft could bring and engaged us to create floor plans for the new toy department, as well as sales displays and curated product ranges. Our merchandising team worked closely with the Paisley store teams to visualise a layout and product ranges that would maximise sales, while also supporting their vision for the new store interiors and the overall brand. We shared our proven Science of Impulse methodology so that the client clearly understood the value and intention of the solutions we were offering.

The results

“What Keycraft have done is excellent. They put the whole thing together, floor plans, stands and stock”

Store Manager, Paisley Department Store

We provided an intelligently designed floor plan that supported a positive customer journey; as well as bespoke display solutions, and product ranges carefully curated to encourage the higher spending customers (as per our brief), without alienating the local economically-challenged demographic.  The display solutions were set into planograms, making the range easy to implement and manage.

Improvements included:

  • Detailed analysis, including: environments, demographics, buying habits, etc.

  • A fine-tuned toy collection that reflected target demographics

  • Toy department floor plans that facilitated positive customer journeys

  • Toys were positioned to maximise accessibility and impulse purchase

  • Display solutions were designed for accessibility and to complement the in-store environment

  • Price points were pitched so as to elevate customer spending, drive volume and increase profits

Benefits reported by the store include:

  • Immediate increase in impulse sales across the department upon the store opening

  • Bespoke display solutions creating an impulse-driven toy department in-store

  • Good quality, nicely packaged toys, fitting with the new retail environment and vision

  • Carefully curated range of toys created to meet the store’s aspirations for a new consumer demographic

  • Valuable, mutually beneficial partnership with Keycraft