Streamvale Open Farm

Since implementing the changes, Streamvale have increased their volume of toys sold and overall revenue by 97% per head on average.

Products: Pocket Money, Living Nature
Location: Northern Ireland
Category: Farm Shop
Streamvale Open Farm

The background

Streamvale Open Farm is a family-oriented farm attraction in the lush green fields of Northern Ireland.

The farm offers children the experience of being a farmer for the day. There are lots of fun activities, including bottle-feeding lambs, tractor and barrel rides, milk parlour tours, sheepdog demonstrations, a play village, and even a lovely cafe!

Keycraft has had a longstanding relationship with Streamvale, supplying them with toys for ‘The Toy Shed’ gift shop. Farm-themed toys sell in high volume, and Living Nature™ is the main focus of their toy offering.

The challenge

The Toy Shed gift shop was a successful feature of the farm experience, however, Streamvale were struggling with limited space. They were looking for solutions to improve the retail space that was available.

Streamvale asked us to help them maximize the use of floor space and improve the shop’s revenue potential.

The solution

Our team recommended and implemented the following solutions.

Accessibility - Keycraft designed a new floor layout that utilized a oneway system. This improved traffic flow into and through the shed, directing visitors past all of the toys on display. We also introduced our Merry-Go-Round display stands. These stands hold more toys for the floor space used, allowing more toy stock to be out on display.

People - Keycraft recommended a selected range of farm-themed toys that appeal most to the demographic of families who visit the experience. Living Nature’s premium plush farm animals are a particularly good seller, appealing equally to adults and children. They make the perfect impulse purchase for taking a little bit of the farm home, minus the mud!

Choice & value - To cater to a range of tastes and budgets, a selection of toys from Living Nature SMOLS up to large-sized animals are on offer. Keycraft also provides a range of pocket money toy alternatives to complement the Living Nature selection. Price points range from under £5 up to £30.

Environment - The colourful Merry-Go-Round display stands further enhance the appeal of The Toy Shed, introducing retail theater. They add to the exciting fairground feel that the wider experience creates, and maximize the visual appeal of the toys on display.

The results

Since implementing these changes, Streamvale have increased their volume of toys sold and overall revenue by 97% per head on average.  

Keycraft and Steamvale have built a strong partnership that continues to grow under a Growth Rebate scheme. This agreement sees a percentage of the stock costs returned to Streamvale when they achieve sales targets.

We value the organized approach Streamvale take to everything they do, and really enjoy working with their highly professional team!