Toys 4 All

This independent store improved product ranging and toy displays to double the impulse sales of plush and pocket money toys!

Products: Living Nature, Pocket Money
Location: Sydney, Australia
Category: Department Store
Toys 4 All

The background

Toys 4 All is an independent toy store in the heart of Sydney. It is dedicated to having the biggest brands in stock all year round as a one-stop-shop for all things toys!
Located within a homemaker shopping centre, their in-store retail model focussed on bigger products such as outdoor toys, although they did offer a range of toy sizes and a complimentary eCommerce website.

Toys 4 All contacted Keycraft about our Living Nature soft toy range. Through discussion, an opportunity was identified to support them in achieving their wider goals.

The challenge

The in-store experience featured standard retail racks that neatly housed a range of large boxed items and stacked plush toys, while the queuing area featured smaller impulse products.

However, the store was lacking featured toy displays and a window display. Nothing eye-catching stood out to attract customers in from the street or ensure that they didn’t leave empty-handed.

Toys 4 All needed a strategy to generate more impulse sales in order for revenue to grow.

The solution

The range of impulse toy products needed to be expanded with on-trend ranging that leveraged attractive branding. Visually appealing display solutions and impulse toys were required to create points of attraction nearer the front of the store, also optimizing the floor space and facilitating a window display.

  • Accessibility - A new collection of display stands were used to bring all the smaller impulse toy products together at the front of the store, placed at the right height for customers to see and want them.

  • People - Keycraft recommended product ranging that was optimized for the customer base, filling previous product gaps with Living Nature soft toys and a selection of pocket money options.

  • Choice - We helped Toys 4 All narrow in on the right choice of in-store impulse toys that would perform better for them, rather than maintaining an over-diversified stock range with too many premium products that had a slower turnover.

  • Value - Keycraft helped to fine-tune the price points, supplementing and replacing more expensive or overpriced products from the old range.

  • Environment - Toys 4 All really loved our Merry-Go-Round stands, which are now one of the eye-catching features in the store. The selection of stands and a window display provide a lot more ‘curb appeal’ for passing foot traffic. It creates a colourful and fun environment that attracts shoppers in and delivers more budget-friendly temptations as soon as they enter.

The results

The newly introduced Living Nature plush range sold more than 30 soft toy animals in just the first couple of days alone, and the expanded pocket money toy range is now turning over at double the previous volume!

Toys 4 All are considering expanding to multiple stores in future. We’re excited about a continued partnership with this fantastic brand and friendly team, which has so much more growth potential to explore.