Wheelgate Pleasure Park

Discover why Keycraft became the only pocket money toy supplier for Wheelgate Park!

Products: Living Nature
Location: UK
Category: Theme Park
Wheelgate Pleasure Park

The background

Haven’s holiday parks are a British institution. With 37 beautiful holiday parks located around the UK, families can enjoy the epic British coastline without the stress of international travel. It’s hard to resist an affordable break among pristine nature and ancient landscapes - even if the British weather is being moody and photogenically ‘atmospheric’!

Haven’s family-friendly holiday parks operate convenience stores, providing all the essentials guests might need during their break, including toys for children.

The Keycraft team met Haven at a trade show, and as they say, the rest was history! A perfectly aligned opportunity was identified to help Haven extract more profit from their holiday convenience store toy offering.

The challenge

The existing toy range had been in place for some time, so provided less appeal for repeat customers. A new selection of products was required. There was also scope to provide more choice for customers with slightly larger budgets. 

High-quality pocket money toys with more favourable Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) were needed to help refresh the toy selection and deliver an enhanced revenue stream for the park.

“I was initially hesitant about ranging Living Nature soft toys due to the price-points. I was concerned that they might be a bit too high for our customers. However, I decided to trial them because the range was so different to anything I’d seen before. The animals looked and felt fantastic, and the display solutions looked amazing.” - Lisa, Wheelgate Assistant Park Manager.

The solution

As always, the Keycraft team based our recommendations around the Science of Impulse 5 pillars;

Accessibility - The gift store has a long and thin layout, so we recommended our mini carousels and branded Living Nature wall stands. These worked to maximize both floor space and display capacity.

People - The store typically attracts younger children up to 8 years old. The new product mix was optimized to appeal to these age groups the most. 

Choice - Thanks to the wide range of products Keycraft keeps in stock, we were able to provide unique and quirky toys that no one else in the area offers, and at lower MOQs! The new brands now in stock include Fumfings, Nurchums, Living Nature and Living Nature SMOLS. Keycraft is constantly expanding our brand ranges to provide greater collectable value for our partners and their customers.

Value - We played to Wheelgate’s strength by focussing on pocket money toys, but complemented these with a selection of Living Nature toys for customers with more spending power. SMOLS were also an ideal addition, offering lower price points for high-quality soft toys. All Keycraft ranges are attractively branded and provide better quality than average for given price points, especially in the pocket money category.

Environment - The mini carousels are colourful, iconic and eye-catching, adding to the visual appeal of the store. The Living Nature display stands also help reinforce the quality of the brand with a dedicated and attractive display solution for the new stars of the show; our cuddly and realistic animal friends! The look of the store has enjoyed an easy uplift thanks to these simple changes.

The results

Keycraft’s unique product offerings, alongside a focus on friendly and knowledgeable customer service, mean that we are now the only pocket money toy supplier for Wheelgate Park’s shop! Keeping the Wheelgate toy selection regularly refreshed and exciting is a key objective that we are very happy to support.

“I have been extremely pleased and pleasantly surprised at how well the Living Nature range has performed. In fact, even the most expensive product on the stand, the Chocolate Labrador, sold very quickly! 

“Due to the success, I have since expanded the selection, including the SMOLS range and some of the latest new arrivals. I would strongly recommend the Living Nature range; beautifully realistic animals, extremely high quality, and great value for money.  

“I have now made Keycraft our main supplier due to the quality and diversity of their product offering, and the consistent, friendly support from the team.”  - Lisa, Wheelgate Assistant Park Manager.

Keycraft is delighted we’ve had the opportunity to work with the commercially-minded Wheelgate team to find the right growth solutions for their business. We’ve no doubt the relationship will continue to develop as they build on the success of their retail operation!

Toy sales have increased at every participating park, averaging a 320% increase.
The top 12 performing parks have all introduced our carousel display stand, accounting for 74% of their total purchasing from Keycraft.