GUIDE: How to grow and hatch a Nurchums egg

A guide on how to nurture your Nurchums egg so that it hatches and grows into a new pocket money pet.

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Posted: 18th May 2017
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GUIDE: How to grow and hatch a Nurchums egg

Are you a lucky owner of a Nurchums Hatching Egg? Or perhaps you are just looking to learn a little more about our exciting pocket money line which is exclusive to Keycraft customers. 

These large plastic hatching eggs are a fun and educational experience for children and provide hours of enjoyment with the initial excitement of purchase, then the delight of watching the egg hatch and grow up in a matter of a few days. 

Read the instructions below on how to grow any Nurchums hatching egg toy, including; Dinosaur, Fantasy (Unicorn & Fairy), Mermaid, Narwhal... and more! Alternatively, to learn more about the Nurchums impulse toys, follow the links below;

How do the hatching egg toys work? 

Simply place the egg into a bowl and fully cover the egg with water. You may have to hold the egg under the water until all of the trapped air bubbles pop out

Ensure the water is below 35°C - cold water straight out of the tap is perfect! Or top up with some warm water if it is a little cold for your hands.  

Once the egg is fully submerged without aid, you must put your patience to the test and wait for your new pet to be ready to hatch itself out of the eggshell. 

Want to learn more? Watch the hilarious demo by Maria's Toy Collection on YouTube: 

What to expect after 72+ hours

Between 24-72 hours you will begin to see a crack in the shell and your new pet will start to become visible - you might even be able to tell what type of pet it is! If it is a Fantasy Egg, you may hatch a Fairy or Unicorn, whereas if it is a Dinosaur Egg, you will know from the packaging if it is a T-rex, Stegosaurus or Triceratops. Some of our eggs are completely mixed, so it may even be a surprise which one you hatch!

At this stage, it is important not to break the shell, be patient and let nature take its course. Your new pet will come out when it is ready to meet the world! 

Remember: The longer you leave the egg, the more the hatchling inside will GROW!

Watch a review of Fantasy Hatching Eggs by Maisie's Toy World on YouTube: 

Grow the toy for up to two weeks

Congratulations! You are now the lucky owner of a Nurchums hatchling! You can now care for your new pet by removing the shell to fully reveal your new friend. 

To grow the pet further, place the toy into a clean bowl of water and leave for up to two weeks to fully expand. And once the toy has been removed from water, it will slowly shrink back to its original size - re-grow the toy or add it to your toy collection! 

Why not give your new friend a name? And share a photo with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram! - We would love to see your photos!  

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