How can retail theatre help increase profits in my retail store?

Learn how retail theatre can really drive your customers to purchase.

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Posted: 29th September 2022
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How can retail theatre help increase profits in my retail store?

Retail theatre can really drive your customers to purchase your products. By understanding how your customer's shop, having innovative retail solutions can attract your customers to come into your store and drive impulse purchases.

There is no denying retail has been through the hurdles over the past decade due to the increase in online shopping, and thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has suggested that the pandemic has accelerated the move online by up to 5 years. Retailers with bricks and mortar stores must stay on the pulse of what their customers want, or lose out to their competitors and e-commerce.

At Keycraft, we are the experts in impulse purchasing and retail theatre, so you're in good hands when trying to figure out how to increase your customer footfall.

What is retail theatre? 

The definition at the very core of the retail theatre concept is to provide an enhanced customer experience. Gone are the days of lining your shop with aisles of stock and hoping for customers to wander in and hopefully fill their baskets with goods. Shoppers now want to be entertained and/or delighted, they have to desire to visit your store over simply clicking a few buttons from the comfort of their home.

So what can retailers do to attract customers to their retail stores? Customers want to visit ‘destination stores’, which go beyond being a traditional brick and mortar shop where you show up and hope to find what you are looking for. They want to be wowed and entertained… even just for the few short minutes, they are there for. Retailers must find ways to make their stores – big or small – have that extra bit of sparkle of excitement to entice customers through their doors, now more than ever.

This all sounds like a lot of hassle and expense, right? Think again! Retail theatre does not have to cost an arm and a leg and can be just as easy for small stores to implement, as it is for larger stores with bigger budgets.

Why should I implement retail theatre attractions in my store? 

You might be thinking why go to all this bother? Especially if your current strategy is bringing customers through your doors. In the fast-moving world of retail, like any industry, it is important to keep up or even better, get ahead of your competitors. The whole concept of retail theatre is to promote customer engagement and increase footfall, and no retailer can turn around and say they don’t want any of that!

How can I attract customers with retail theatre? 

At Keycraft, we are always innovating children’s impulse solutions to find ways of helping retailers increase profits through amazing point of sale displays. Our goal through installing these theatrical displays is to promote a positive and joyful experience to customers whilst on the shop floor, and our display solutions, coupled with eye-catching product packaging and the best retail advice around – does just that.

All in one product and display solution packages

  • Eye-catching point of attraction in store

  • High-profit value vs low footprint

  • Free with purchase qualifier programs

  • Easy assembly and maintenance

  • High stock turns

We will work hand in hand with you to understand your customer demographics and retail environment, to come up with the perfect combination of product, price… and wow factor!

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