The 2021 'Pop Its' Craze; A low value, high-profit opportunity

Discover how Bubble Popper pocket money toys can help boost profit and footfall for your store or eCommerce site.

Posted: 28th September 2022
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The 2021 'Pop Its' Craze; A low value, high-profit opportunity

Keen to get your hands on some Pop Its stock?? Well, you’re in luck!

Also known as Push Poppers or Bubble Poppers, these simple but addictive fidget toys have become a 2021 toy craze! They’re a viral TikTok trend amongst kids and adults alike, and social media influencers rave about them too.

The Pop It bubble fidget toy is designed to feel and sound just like popping bubble wrap - and it's every bit as satisfying! Push down the bubbles feel and hear the pop, then turn it over and do it again. They can be popped in patterns, and you can pop more than one at a time.

Pop Its are perfectly suited to driving impulse purchases in-store, however if you sell via an e-commerce website, there are many people proactively searching for them online.

With kids spending more time at home than ever in the last year or so, the industry has seen a surge in spending on smaller fidget toys. They help keep kids calm as parents valiantly do their day jobs whilst also trying to be a child-minder or teacher at the same time. Low-cost and trendy sensory toys that entertain and help keep kids in check are a win-win for everyone!

Fidget & Sensory Toy Benefits Are Backed By Research

All kids (and even adults!) will love to play with them just for fun, but they have added benefits backed by research.

Not only do fidget toys like Pop Its develop hand dexterity and coordination, but they relieve stress and even improve learning through the power of mindfulness. Focusing the mind on simple sensory inputs helps to keep kids across a wide range of age groups relaxed, focused and calm.

Sensory toys are particularly soothing for children with additional learning needs such as autism, ADD, or ADHD. Low-cost but high in value, bubble popper and other sensory toys can be a life saver for children, parents and teachers alike. Anxious or excitable energy can more easily find an outlet when kids can keep their hands busy, reducing emotional or energetic overwhelm.

Introducing Our Rainbow Pop Fidget Toys

Here at Keycraft, we’re delighted to introduce "Rainbow Poppers" fidget toys to our popular Fidget & Sensory toys range!

In bright and gender-neutral colours, there are four bubble popper designs to appeal to boys or girls. Kids can choose from a circle, heart, unicorn or dinosaur.

Our Rainbow Bubble Pop toys are made from soft-feel silicone that’s safe, durable and easy to clean. Small, lightweight and flexible, they’re easy to pop in a backpack and take anywhere - great for traveling and to take to school.

Gary Grant, the founder and executive chairman of the high street toy chain The Entertainer, said its stores had sold 1m of the toys; “Every couple of years something big comes along and at the moment that thing is fidget poppers,” said Grant of the toys, which come in all shapes and sizes – from standard squares to rainbows, unicorns and Baby Yodas and can even be scented. “I’ve sold a million of them but the market could be as high as 5m.”

The Keycraft Advantage: "We don't just sell toys"

We know our customers are struggling to find stock at the moment, so take advantage of Keycraft’s global network and reliable stock supplies available in the UK and beyond.

Shop more Fidget & Sensory toys available in our popular range now!

Or learn about our Science of Impulse framework, and how Keycraft has helped other stores in the UK and globally, with our curated pocket money ranges, retailer display solutions, and consultancy-based approach.

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