Why retail theatre increases toy sales

How can your retail theatre increase sales for your store?

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Posted: 17th March 2022
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Why retail theatre increases toy sales

In a competitive retail ‘high street’, today’s shoppers are drawn to spend the most time - and money - in stores that deliver unique customer experiences.

With online shopping delivering more convenience than ever before, consumers no longer need to leave the house if they don’t want to. Instead, there is an increasing expectation for a ‘day out’ experience from shopping trips in order to justify the time spent. Especially where children are concerned. People no longer visit stores just to buy things.

Take the Disney stores, Lego stores, or Hamleys as an example. These shops regularly feature on tourists’ must-visit lists of attractions - whether they have children or not! And it’s all because of the novel and unique customer experiences on offer. Hamleys London store attracted over 5 million visitors in 2019, New York’s Disney Store ranks highly on TripAdvisor, and these stores frequently appear in recommendation articles suggesting top things to do during a holiday or vacation. Visit any of these stores (or Google images) to receive a masterclass in the effectiveness of retail theatre for driving market-leading brand value.

And the bar for unique toy retail experiences only continues to rise. Lego’s new flagship store opened in New York in 2021 and is a case in point, showcasing the upgraded immersive retail experience that Lego plans for the future of its stores globally. The ‘retailtainment’ concept includes a unique blend of digital and physical experiences, designed to provide an entertaining and personalized brand connection for visitors. It includes multiple innovative displays and installations, from a ‘Tree of Discovery’ made from 880,000 LEGO elements, to a ‘Storytelling Table’.

“While our existing store format has been very successful, we are evolving it to strengthen brand love and create memorable experiences people will talk about long after they leave. We want people to walk into our stores and feel immersed in a world of LEGO bricks. We’ve designed the spaces to fire up creativity and imagination and encourage hands-on play.” - Colette Burke, Chief Commercial Officer, Lego Stores

Of course, not every toy store or department has the budget to build custom digital installations, or spend 1,900 man-hours constructing giant trees. What can smaller shops or department stores do to stay competitive?

From preparing your shop for busy holiday seasons and utilizing sensory marketing, to using colourful display stands and creating Instagramable toy displays, there’s plenty any shop can do without breaking the bank. Knowing how to merchandise your premium toy stock alongside pocket money toy options will also help improve the retail experience.

For example, Keycraft worked with the Early Learning Centre chain of stores. We helped fine-tune their toy collection, with bespoke display solutions designed to provide accessibility and improve the in-store environment. Within one week of the display fixtures being installed, pocket money toy sales increased by a phenomenal 220% across all stores.

“Working with Keycraft on this project was really exciting and it allowed us to create something new, with a high engagement level for our customers.” - Store Designer, ELC

Discover more success stories detailing how Keycraft has helped multiple toy retailers improve retail theatre to significantly increase bottom-line results.

So, how could your store sprinkle a dash of magic on toy displays to create a more immersive and profitable retail experience in 2022?

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